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Speedi-Med Insurance Clinic c.c. was created in July 2007 specifically for the purpose of expediting insurance medical requirements within set turnaround times. Our research has revealed that notwithstanding the fact that Insurance Companies may have established in-house or outsourced facilities which may be cost-intensive, there is a serious need for a service that is quick and professional, subscribing fully to the requirements of reputable intermediaries and Companies. The fact that since inception we have had an overwhelming growth and response. Our services bear testimony to this fact.

Speedi-Med aims to be one of the leading providers of medical risk assessment service to Life Insurance Companies. What sets us apart is our responsive service and quick turnaround times for insurance medical completion. In these areas, we strive to be innovative – leading the way by developing programs, processes, and services that meet the needs of a more demanding industry,

Speedi-Med strives to provide an efficient, focused, and professional service to insurance brokers and intermediaries while also enhance the business interests of insurance companies, with full awareness of our responsibilities to both.

  • Travelling Nurse: Bloods, Short medical reports, Special questionnaires, BP, Height, Weight, Urine testing.
  • Travelling Doctor: Confidential Medical Reports, Bloods, Special Questionnaires, ECG’s, Lung Function

Appointments are set for the registered nurse to see the client at their home or place of work, after giving due consideration to the safety of our nurses.

Our medical and nurse practitioners abide by a strict protocol to ensure confidentiality, consistency and reliability in medical assessments

Our value proposition is speedy and professional service to our clients who are the Intermediaries and Brokers whilst also enhancing the business interests of Insurance companies, so our value add is two-fold and we undertake to provide this service with full awareness of our responsibilities to both. We hasten to add that we welcome all feedback to improve and build on the exceptional value that we provide. We look forward to your support for mutual benefit.

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